Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hello Internetland...

Welcome to the all new and improved The Cutting Room Floor cyber hub, the place to get your voice heard in the arts. It is here that agendas are set and changed, stale ideas thrown away and new ones thought up. So get a-clicking and a-typing and have your say.
We have a team of magicians working away all over the world to bring you their thoughts and opinions on who's out there and whats going on across more creative platforms than I can name. But one thing we are not here at the CRF are quitters, so here's me definitely trying: fine art, design, illustration, photography, animation, architecture, hip/hop and rap, classical, indy rock, pop, r&b, DJ/Club scene, silent films, late 20th C's best, classic hollywood, what came out last week, poems, short stories, literary criticism, interviews, articles, essays...and a whole lot more to boot. As soon as I get my breath back.
All you have to do is to shout at the top of your lungs about what ever it is you care about, comment away, discover new things and share what ever it is you know.
If you would like to contribute something on a one off basis or would like to be considered as a regular contributor, just get in touch using the regular avenues:



looking forward to the virtual din we are going to cause. the lily-livered may bring ear plugs.

that's all for now.


peace out

The Celluloid Kid

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